Image result for puppy in bathOur groomer, Karen, is all breeds certified and has been making pets look fabulous for 7 years! She exhibits patience and care when dealing with any disposition a pet can have. She adheres to breed standards while maintaining client satisfaction with each groom.

At drop off you discuss with Karen on how you want the cut to look, they will receive a bath with appropriate shampoos/conditioners, ear cleaning and nail trim. If desired we can also have your pets anal glands expressed at the appointment for an additional charge. As a reminder all vaccines including Bordetella, need to be up to date when coming in for grooming services.

Breeds that require routine grooming, such as schnauzers or poodles, should be introduced to professional grooming between 8 and 12 weeks of age. These dogs should be coming in for a groom at least every 6-8 weeks so we can keep them looking and feeling great. Starting them off early helps provide a stress free and fun experience.

Double-coated breeds, such as golden retrievers or huskies, require regular baths and brush outs to release the undercoat which helps keep their skin and coat healthy.


**Cat grooming is available on a case by case basis

For more information and pricing please contact the clinic.