Our clinic is equipped to handle an assortment of medical conditions and emergencies. We offer in house diagnostics for immediate results and rapid treatment upon diagnosis. In the event your pet requires hospitalization, our staff is well trained in monitoring, giving proper medication, and nutritional care

Annual Vaccines and Preventive Care

 We recommend seeing every animal at least once a year for routine check ups, vaccinations and bloodwork to ensure the health of your pet. 


 A lost pet can be devastating, having a microchip implanted gives your pet a permanent form of identification which can be traced back to your information.

Digital Xrays

State of the art digital xrays give immediate results for quick and accurate diagnosis.

In House Diagnostics

From bloodwork to complete urinalysis, in house diagnostics give us results within the hour.


Our clinic is equipped with a full pharmacy with everything your pet needs to feel/look better.

Nutritional Counselling

Pet obesity is one of the leading causes of heart/respiratory illnesses, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and other weight related complications. Talk to
one of our staff for more information about weight loss diets and preventatives.